external image fire_ball.svgPlease use this space to add questions at any time during the first day. I will also be using this page to address questions collected through exit cards.

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Purti:-- How should i begin implementing ICT in a meaningful way with staff and students. ICT is one area which needs to be addressed in my school
Purti, we wil be going further into this today (Saturday)

Kas - What do you feel is the biggest challenge in terms of the integration of (successful use of) technology in education?
Kas, there are many challenges. Commitment comes first. Proper, meaningful effective integration programs take resources of time (for training, continual professional development like this, planning...) as well as financial resources.

Herman - How to do the inquiry in the Grade 1 or 2 students because they don't know how to type then they can't search themselves.
Herman, it appears you have determined an area of focus. With students lacking fundamental skills these need to be taught explicitly. This can also be done as part of a program of integration.

Ryan - Our school is providing us with 6 new iPads. What is the best way of going about buying apps and putting them on multiple devices?
Ryan, this is a great question but not directly related to our lines of inquiry here. Please follow it up with your Personal Learning Network as an "extra-curricular."

Keith - How do schools integrate powerful learning tools like "Scratch' which do not naturally fit with units of inquiry?
Keith, we will cover this in greater detail tomorrow but the idea is that you use this tool to delve deeper into the understandings of the TD Themes, the Lines of Inquiry, Central Idea & Conceptual Questions and to demonstrate understanding. I would suggest it could be used formatively to check for understanding throughout and as a summative to see where students ended up.

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