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jFor creative commons clip art, music & video

Collated visual literacy notes, resources, tools and readings

More links to free stuff & notes on Digital Storytelling

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The MOTHER of all collated resource sites

ICT IntegrationBandung International School IT Operations ManualLearning Technologies Coordinator Role DescriptionBIS Acceptable Use Policy

CDNIS Responsible Use Policy (Students)CDNIS Responsible Use Policy (Staff)
Application for Professional Development
McGraw ICT Integration

ICT Planning
SMART Goals Planning and what are SMART Goals?
BIS Circle of Learning
Technology Integration Matrix
BIS AUP Website
CDNIS Learning and Teaching Technologies Website
Digital Portfolio
Beliefs and Values of ICT in the PYP
IB Learner Profile Guide

Favourite Blogs
The Thinking Stick
Always Learning
Steve Katz - Technology Integration Specialist
Intrepid Teacher
MindShift: How We Will Learn
Globally Connected Learning
- Ipad Apps Blooms Taxonomy
Educational Origami - Digital Blooms Taxonomy
The 4D Bakery (Jennifer's class blog)ICTforEducators (Dion's Blog)

Digital Citizenship
Responsible Use Family Seminar & Online Usage AgreementCyber Safe KidsDigizen Common Sense Media

Do Schools Kill Creativity?- Sir Ken Robinson
Growing up Digital - a good resource to share with parents and or faculty who may be skeptical about the use (or over-use) of digital tools.The Kids Are Online - Prezi with embedded videos, created by Aloni Cahusac @ CDNIS
  • Cybersmart - Australian Gov't site. Book speakers, resources for parents, students and educators
  • SuperClubs PLUS - An excellent Online environment for Yr 2-7 students to learn as they build environments under teacher supervision, learning all about Cyber safety as they go.- Click on Teachers to find out more
  • CyberQuoll - Australian interactive Cybersafety resources for Upper Primary Students
  • Wise Up To IT - Australian secondary resources
  • Budd:e - Australian Year 3 & 9 resource (Year 3 recommended)
  • Atlantis Remixed (was Quest Atlantis) - Multi-User Virtual World. Educational research project from Univ of Indiana. Inquiry based. FREE, Free PD.
  • Our suggestions: run a CyberSmart Day, include CyberSafety in "Learning to Learn" week. Include with 1:1 launches.


Google Advanced Search Tips

YouTube Tricks

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