logo.gifThis is where we will share, learn collaborate and collate our learning & development over the course of the next three days.

Please feel free to use the Navigation Pane on the right of the screen to familiarize yourself with our program and agenda and add comments as you see fit.

All Participants will need to bring:
  • A copy of Programme standards and practices
  • A copy (electronic or paper) of The Role of ICT in the PYP (June 2011)
  • Copy of Making the PYP Happen (electronic or paper format)
  • A means of note taking/journal writing
  • Two units you have collaborated on to share, reflect on, further develop
  • Your school’s programme of inquiry
  • A laptop computer configured for wireless Internet access
  • A USB flash/travel drive (with at least 1 GB of storage)
  • Access to copies of essential agreements and policies related to the integration of ICT at your school
  • Examples of documents and resources they use to facilitate ICT integration at their school within the context of the PYP (planning templates, schedules, website links, lesson plans, exemplar student work, etc…)
  • OCC log-in (school code, user name, password)

Current versions of the following IB documents are available to all through the online curriculum centre:
  • PYP planner template on Google Docs, 2011
  • Making the PYP happen: a curriculum framework for international primary education
  • IB standards and practices, 2010
  • The learner profile booklet
  • Developing a transdisciplinary programme of inquiry (revised), 2012
  • A basis for practice
  • What is an IB Education (2012)

Link to the website

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It may also be helpful to bring a digital camera, phoneor other device capable of taking digital image stills and/or video to usein note-taking, preparing materials to report back to your school and/or presenting to the group.

Facilitator Biographical Information

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I have lived in Japan for the past sixteen years. My experience and study of and in Japan has lead me to learn a great deal about myself, my own culture and the challenges facing anyone moving from their home to a new country with so many new things to learn.

I have been working most of the past nine years in the Primary Years Programme. One of the most attractive components of this programme for me is the Learner Profile. I was drawn to education initially out of a desire to help children become balanced adults capable of making informed, compassionate, generous choices about their lives and their world. I have found much of the same philosophy working within this program and have seen numerous students benefit from it both socially and in the development of their critical thinking skills.

I am presently developing an integration curriculum for a PYP school & supporting elementary school teachers with technology related professional development, I also teach MYP Technology & Grade Six Math, run the Yearbook Elective and am implementing school wide Moodle.

I am passionate about the integration of technology in the classroom. I am compelled to continue learning, creating and sharing with others. I aim never to completely leave the classroom but to increasingly focus on sharing what I have learned with other educators so that they may further develop their integration practice. I have a further love of creating visual communication; infographics, videos and digital stories in all forms.

I have embedded the video produced for my application to become an Apple Distinguished Educator (2012)

Sean Thompson 

Integration website
Technology Embedded blog

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